About Us

Buffalo Birth & Baby is a doula agency offering non-medical emotional, physical and informational support for women before, during and after labor and birth. Birth doulas provide hands-on comfort measures, share resources and information about labor and birth and facilitate positive communication between women and their maternity care providers by helping women articulate their questions, preferences and values.

Doula support increases the likelihood of safer, healthier and more satisfying births and reduces health disparities. By providing continuous emotional and hands-on, physical support throughout labor and delivery, doulas help women experience healthy birth practices with less use of interventions. By avoiding consequential unwarranted and unwanted procedures and medications, doula care reduces the likelihood of complications and improves the long-term health of women and infants. Doula care helps mitigate the highly medicalized approach to maternity care that has become the norm, resulting in an overuse of some medical procedures, even in circumstances where there is no evidence to demonstrate their benefits.

At Buffalo Birth & Baby, we support women and their families through the transformative journey of pregnancy and childbirth and offer postpartum resources and community. We work to awaken the deep, cellular level connections through body work, childbirth education, yoga, continuous labor and post partum support. The goal is in helping our clientele tap into their primal power, access it at will and apply it to their experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting thus improving birth outcomes and the overall experience of birthing women and their families. Our mission is to accommodate more families and meet the demands of an underserved (and largely untapped) market.

By dismantling the culture of fear that surrounds the birthing process we can positively effect entire families. Respecting the process and allowing women to labor on their own terms elevates the roles of the laboring mother and her partner to active participants. The birth experience is transformative for each and every woman and every woman has the inner resources she needs to endure the process; birth is not a scary thing that happens to us, it is a powerful thing we do. Empowering women through education and support empowers our children, our partners, our communities and the world at large. Imagine the implications of an entire generation born in peace.